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Programming PHP
By Rasmus Lerdorf, Kevin Tatroe
Publisher : O'Reilly
Pub Date : March 2002
ISBN : 1-56592-610-2
Pages : 524

      Audience for This Book
      Structure of This Book
      Conventions Used in This Book
      Comments and Questions
    Chapter 1.  Introduction to PHP
      Section 1.1.  What Does PHP Do?
      Section 1.2.  A Brief History of PHP
      Section 1.3.  Installing PHP
      Section 1.4.  A Walk Through PHP
    Chapter 2.  Language Basics
      Section 2.1.  Lexical Structure
      Section 2.2.  Data Types
      Section 2.3.  Variables
      Section 2.4.  Expressions and Operators
      Section 2.5.  Flow-Control Statements
      Section 2.6.  Including Code
      Section 2.7.  Embedding PHP in Web Pages
    Chapter 3.  Functions
      Section 3.1.  Calling a Function
      Section 3.2.  Defining a Function
      Section 3.3.  Variable Scope
      Section 3.4.  Function Parameters
      Section 3.5.  Return Values
      Section 3.6.  Variable Functions
      Section 3.7.  Anonymous Functions
    Chapter 4.  Strings
      Section 4.1.  Quoting String Constants
      Section 4.2.  Printing Strings
      Section 4.3.  Accessing Individual Characters
      Section 4.4.  Cleaning Strings
      Section 4.5.  Encoding and Escaping
      Section 4.6.  Comparing Strings
      Section 4.7.  Manipulating and Searching Strings
      Section 4.8.  Regular Expressions
      Section 4.9.  POSIX-Style Regular Expressions
      Section 4.10.  Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions
    Chapter 5.  Arrays
      Section 5.1.  Indexed Versus Associative Arrays
      Section 5.2.  Identifying Elements of an Array
      Section 5.3.  Storing Data in Arrays
      Section 5.4.  Multidimensional Arrays
      Section 5.5.  Extracting Multiple Values
      Section 5.6.  Converting Between Arrays and Variables
      Section 5.7.  Traversing Arrays
      Section 5.8.  Sorting
      Section 5.9.  Acting on Entire Arrays
      Section 5.10.  Using Arrays
    Chapter 6.  Objects
      Section 6.1.  Terminology
      Section 6.2.  Creating an Object
      Section 6.3.  Accessing Properties and Methods
      Section 6.4.  Declaring a Class
      Section 6.5.  Introspection
      Section 6.6.  Serialization
    Chapter 7.  Web Techniques
      Section 7.1.  HTTP Basics
      Section 7.2.  Variables
      Section 7.3.  Server Information
      Section 7.4.  Processing Forms
      Section 7.5.  Setting Response Headers
      Section 7.6.  Maintaining State
      Section 7.7.  SSL
    Chapter 8.  Databases
      Section 8.1.  Using PHP to Access a Database
      Section 8.2.  Relational Databases and SQL
      Section 8.3.  PEAR DB Basics
      Section 8.4.  Advanced Database Techniques
      Section 8.5.  Sample Application
    Chapter 9.  Graphics
      Section 9.1.  Embedding an Image in a Page
      Section 9.2.  The GD Extension
      Section 9.3.  Basic Graphics Concepts
      Section 9.4.  Creating and Drawing Images
      Section 9.5.  Images with Text
      Section 9.6.  Dynamically Generated Buttons
      Section 9.7.  Scaling Images
      Section 9.8.  Color Handling
    Chapter 10.  PDF
      Section 10.1.  PDF Extensions
      Section 10.2.  Documents and Pages
      Section 10.3.  Text
      Section 10.4.  Images and Graphics
      Section 10.5.  Navigation
      Section 10.6.  Other PDF Features
    Chapter 11.  XML
      Section 11.1.  Lightning Guide to XML
      Section 11.2.  Generating XML
      Section 11.3.  Parsing XML
      Section 11.4.  Transforming XML with XSLT
      Section 11.5.  Web Services
    Chapter 12.  Security
      Section 12.1.  Global Variables and Form Data
      Section 12.2.  Filenames
      Section 12.3.  File Uploads
      Section 12.4.  File Permissions
      Section 12.5.  Concealing PHP Libraries
      Section 12.6.  PHP Code
      Section 12.7.  Shell Commands
      Section 12.8.  Security Redux
    Chapter 13.  Application Techniques
      Section 13.1.  Code Libraries
      Section 13.2.  Templating Systems
      Section 13.3.  Handling Output
      Section 13.4.  Error Handling
      Section 13.5.  Performance Tuning
    Chapter 14.  Extending PHP
      Section 14.1.  Architectural Overview
      Section 14.2.  What You'll Need
      Section 14.3.  Building Your First Extensions
      Section 14.4.  The config.m4 File
      Section 14.5.  Memory Management
      Section 14.6.  The pval/zval Data Type
      Section 14.7.  Parameter Handling
      Section 14.8.  Returning Values
      Section 14.9.  References
      Section 14.10.  Global Variables
      Section 14.11.  Creating Variables
      Section 14.12.  Extension INI Entries
      Section 14.13.  Resources
      Section 14.14.  Where to Go from Here
    Chapter 15.  PHP on Windows
      Section 15.1.  Installing and Configuring PHP on Windows
      Section 15.2.  Writing Portable Code for Windows and Unix
      Section 15.3.  Interfacing with COM
      Section 15.4.  Interacting with ODBC Data Sources
    Appendix A.  Function Reference
      Section A.1.  PHP Functions by Category
      Section A.2a.  Alphabetical Listing of PHP Functions (a-e)
      Section A.2b.  Alphabetical Listing of PHP Functions (f-i)
      Section A.2c.  Alphabetical Listing of PHP Functions (j-q)
      Section A.3d.  Alphabetical Listing of PHP Functions (r-z)
    Appendix B.  Extension Overview
      Section B.1.  Optional Extensions Listing
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