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A variety of people came together to make this book possible. My publisher, O'Reilly, has made the writing and production of this book proceed as smoothly as possible. I'd also like to extend heartfelt thanks to my editor, Jim Sumser. I've sat here for an hour attempting to come up with fifty words that could adequately describe what a genuinely fine man Mr. Sumser is, and I conclude it's not possible. Rarely in life are you provided an opportunity to work with such a gentlemen and professional. Jim defines those qualities, and I am better for it.

I'd also like to thank the fine folks at Equipment Data Associates (EDA) in Charlotte, North Carolina for offering me an opportunity to work and write. The flexibility I was granted in working with EDA was a godsend and delayed the onset of gray hair on me by at least two years. Mason Dunlap, my supervisor, and Bill Howell, a longtime friend, neighbor, and role model, were particularly encouraging and even interested (or at least they did a fabulous job of feigning said interest) in the progress of the book. My debt of gratitude to them is enormous.

Mike and Debbie Hassell, my father and mother, were also supportive and caring. I hope I do justice to their expectations. Thanks also to Aaron and Julie Slyter for their friendship, Tom Syroid for the inspiration to write books, and Robert Bruce Thompson for guidance.

Special thanks to Alan DeKok of the FreeRADIUS project and Niels Jonker of Boingo Wireless for their timely and Herculean efforts to review this book. I believe I owe both of them a couple of beers.

Last but by no means least, my longtime girlfriend, Anna Watson, was by my side through thick and thin and suffered through more than one weekend during which I was focused on email and chapter writing instead of romantic dinners and movie watching. I suspect she will require an approval form signed in triplicate before I write another book. (Who can blame her?) This book would never have gotten off the ground were it not for her support and love.

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