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Tomcat: The Definitive Guide
By Jason Brittain, Ian F. Darwin
Publisher : O'Reilly
Pub Date : June 2003
ISBN : 0-59600-318-8
Pages : 336
Slots : 1    

      What's This Book About?
      Why an Entire Book on Tomcat?
      Who This Book Is For
      Conventions Used in This Book
      How to Contact Us
    Chapter 1.  Getting Started with Tomcat
      Section 1.1.  Installing Tomcat
      Section 1.2.  Starting, Stopping, and Restarting Tomcat
      Section 1.3.  Automatic Startup
      Section 1.4.  Testing Your Tomcat Installation
    Chapter 2.  Configuring Tomcat
      Section 2.1.  Using the Apache Web Server
      Section 2.2.  Managing Realms, Roles, and Users
      Section 2.3.  Controlling Sessions
      Section 2.4.  Accessing JNDI and JDBC Resources
      Section 2.5.  Servlet Auto-Reloading
      Section 2.6.  Relocating the Web Applications Directory
      Section 2.7.  Customized User Directories
      Section 2.8.  Tomcat Example Applications
      Section 2.9.  Server-Side Includes
      Section 2.10.  Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
      Section 2.11.  The Tomcat Admin Application
    Chapter 3.  Deploying Servlet and JSP Web Applications in Tomcat
      Section 3.1.  Layout of a Web Application
      Section 3.2.  Manual Application Deployment
      Section 3.3.  Automatic Deployment
      Section 3.4.  The Manager Application
      Section 3.5.  Automation with Jakarta Ant
    Chapter 4.  Tomcat Performance Tuning
      Section 4.1.  Measuring Web Server Performance
      Section 4.2.  External Tuning
      Section 4.3.  Internal Tuning
      Section 4.4.  Capacity Planning
      Section 4.5.  Additional Resources
    Chapter 5.  Integration with Apache Web Server
      Section 5.1.  Introduction
      Section 5.2.  The Pros and Cons of Integration
      Section 5.3.  Installing Apache httpd
      Section 5.4.  Apache Integration with Tomcat
      Section 5.5.  Of Connectors and Configuration Files
      Section 5.6.  Summary
    Chapter 6.  Tomcat Security
      Section 6.1.  Introduction
      Section 6.2.  Securing the System
      Section 6.3.  Multiple Server Security Models
      Section 6.4.  Using the -security Option
      Section 6.5.  Setting Up a Tomcat chroot Jail
      Section 6.6.  Filtering Bad User Input
      Section 6.7.  Securing Tomcat with SSL
    Chapter 7.  Configuration Files and Their Elements
      Section 7.1.  server.xml
      Section 7.2.  web.xml
      Section 7.3.  tomcat-users.xml
      Section 7.4.  catalina.policy
    Chapter 8.  Debugging and Troubleshooting
      Section 8.1.  Reading Log Files
      Section 8.2.  URLs and the HTTP Conversation
      Section 8.3.  Debugging with RequestDumperValve
      Section 8.4.  When Tomcat Won't Shut Down
    Chapter 9.  Building Tomcat from Source
      Section 9.1.  Installing Jakarta Ant
      Section 9.2.  Obtaining the Source
      Section 9.3.  Downloading Support Libraries
      Section 9.4.  Building Tomcat
    Chapter 10.  Tomcat Clustering
      Section 10.1.  Clustering Terms
      Section 10.2.  The Communication Sequence of an HTTP Request
      Section 10.3.  Additional Resources
    Chapter 11.  Final Words
      Section 11.1.  Supplemental Resources
      Section 11.2.  Community
    Appendix A.  Installing Java
      Section A.1.  Choosing a Java SDK
    Appendix B.  JSPs and Servlets
      Section B.1.  Why Both JSPs and Servlets?
      Section B.2.  Simplifying JSPs with JavaBeans:Reusable Components
      Section B.3.  Simplifying Your JSPs with Custom Tags
      Section B.4.  Extending Tomcat
    Appendix C.  jbchroot.c
    Appendix D.  BadInputFilterValve.java
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