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VBScript in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition
By Matt Childs, Paul Lomax, Ron Petrusha
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: March 2003
ISBN: 0-596-00488-5
Pages: 512

      Why This Book?
      Who Should Read This Book?
      How This Book Should Be Used
      How This Book Is Structured
      Conventions in This Book
      How To Contact Us
    Part I:  The Basics
      Chapter 1.  Introduction
      Section 1.1.  VBScript's History and Uses
      Section 1.2.  What VBScript Is Used For: Gluing Together Objects
      Section 1.3.  Differences Between VBScript and VBA
      Chapter 2.  Program Structure
      Section 2.1.  Functions and Procedures
      Section 2.2.  Classes
      Section 2.3.  Global Code
      Section 2.4.  Reusable Code Libraries
      Chapter 3.  Data Types and Variables
      Section 3.1.  VBScript Data Types: The Many Faces of the Variant
      Section 3.2.  Variables and Constants
      Chapter 4.  Error Handling and Debugging
      Section 4.1.  Debugging
      Section 4.2.  Error Handling
      Section 4.3.  Common Problem Areas and How to Avoid Them
      Chapter 5.  VBScript with Active Server Pages
      Section 5.1.  How ASP Works
      Section 5.2.  Active Server Pages Object Model
      Chapter 6.  Programming Outlook Forms
      Section 6.1.  Why Program Outlook Forms?
      Section 6.2.  The Form-Based Development Environment
      Section 6.3.  Running Your Code
      Section 6.4.  Program Flow
      Section 6.5.  The Outlook Object Model
      Section 6.6.  Accessing Other Object Models
      Chapter 7.  Windows Script Host 5.6
      Section 7.1.  Why Use WSH?
      Section 7.2.  Running WSH Scripts
      Section 7.3.  Program Flow
      Section 7.4.  The WSH Object Model
      Section 7.5.  WSH Language Elements
      Section 7.6.  Accessing Other Object Models
      Chapter 8.  VBScript with Internet Explorer
      Section 8.1.  The <SCRIPT> Tag
      Section 8.2.  What Can You Do with Client-Side Scripting?
      Section 8.3.  Understanding the IE Object Model
      Chapter 9.  Windows Script Components
      Section 9.1.  The Script Component Wizard
      Section 9.2.  Writing Component Code
      Section 9.3.  Using the Component
      Section 9.4.  WSC Programming Topics
    Part II:  Reference
      Chapter 10.  The Language Reference
      Abs Function
      Array Function
      Asc, AscB, AscW Functions
      Atn Function
      Call Statement
      CBool Function
      CByte Function
      CCur Function
      CDate Function
      CDbl Function
      Chr, ChrB, ChrW Functions
      CInt Function
      Class Statement
      CLng Function
      Const Statement
      Cos Function
      CreateObject Function
      CSng Function
      CStr Function
      Date Function
      DateAdd Function
      DateDiff Function
      DatePart Function
      DateSerial Function
      DateValue Function
      Day Function
      Dictionary Object
      Dictionary.Add Method
      Dictionary.CompareMode Property
      Dictionary.Count Property
      Dictionary.Exists Method
      Dictionary.Item Property
      Dictionary.Items Method
      Dictionary.Key Property
      Dictionary.Keys Method
      Dictionary.Remove Method
      Dictionary.RemoveAll Method
      Dim Statement
      Do . . . Loop Statement
      Drive Object
      Drives Collection Object
      End . . . Statement
      Erase Statement
      Err Object
      Err.Clear Method
      Err.Description Property
      Err.HelpContext Property
      Err.HelpFile Property
      Err.Number Property
      Err.Raise Method
      Err.Source Property
      Escape Function
      Eval Function
      Execute Statement
      ExecuteGlobal Statement
      Exit Statement
      Exp Function
      File Object
      File.Copy Method
      File.Delete Method
      File.Move Method
      File.OpenAsTextStream Method
      File System Object Model
      Files Collection Object
      FileSystemObject Object
      FileSystemObject.BuildPath Method
      FileSystemObject.CopyFile Method
      FileSystemObject.CopyFolder Method
      FileSystemObject.CreateFolder Method
      FileSystemObject.CreateTextFile Method
      FileSystemObject.DeleteFile Method
      FileSystemObject.DeleteFolder Method
      FileSystemObject.DriveExists Method
      FileSystemObject.Drives Property
      FileSystemObject.FileExists Method
      FileSystemObject.FolderExists Method
      FileSystemObject.GetAbsolutePathName Method
      FileSystemObject.GetBaseName Method
      FileSystemObject.GetDrive Method
      FileSystemObject.GetDriveName Method
      FileSystemObject.GetExtensionName Method
      FileSystemObject.GetFile Method
      FileSystemObject.GetFileName Method
      FileSystemObject.GetFileVersion Method
      FileSystemObject.GetFolder Method
      FileSystemObject.GetParentFolderName Method
      FileSystemObject.GetSpecialFolder Method
      FileSystemObject.GetStandardStream Method
      FileSystemObject.GetTempName Method
      FileSystemObject.MoveFile Method
      FileSystemObject.MoveFolder Method
      FileSystemObject.OpenTextFile Method
      Filter Function
      Fix Function
      Folder Object
      Folder.Copy Method
      Folder.CreateTextFile Method
      Folder.Delete Method
      Folder.Move Method
      Folders Collection Object
      Folders.Add Method
      For . . . Next Statement
      For Each . . . Next Statement
      FormatCurrency, FormatNumber, FormatPercent Functions
      FormatDateTime Function
      Function Statement
      GetLocale Function
      GetObject Function
      GetRef Function
      Hex Function
      Hour Function
      If . . . Then . . . Else Statement
      Initialize Event
      InputBox Function
      InStr, InStrB Functions
      InstrRev Function
      Int Function
      Is Operator
      IsArray Function
      IsDate Function
      IsEmpty Function
      IsNull Function
      IsNumeric Function
      IsObject Function
      Join Function
      LBound Function
      LCase Function
      Left, LeftB Functions
      Len, LenB Functions
      LoadPicture Function
      Log Function
      LTrim Function
      Match Object
      Matches Collection Object
      Me Keyword
      Mid, MidB Functions
      Minute Function
      Month Function
      MonthName Function
      MsgBox Function
      Now Function
      Oct Function
      On Error Statement
      Option Explicit Statement
      Private Statement
      Property Get Statement
      Property Let Statement
      Property Set Statement
      Public Statement
      Randomize Sub
      ReDim Statement
      RegExp Object
      RegExp.Execute Method
      RegExp.Global Property
      RegExp.IgnoreCase Property
      RegExp.Pattern Property
      RegExp.Replace Method
      RegExp.Test Method
      Rem Statement
      Replace Function
      RGB Function
      Right, RightB Functions
      Rnd Function
      Round Function
      RTrim Function
      ScriptEngine Function
      ScriptEngineBuildVersion Function
      ScriptEngineMajorVersion Function
      ScriptEngineMinorVersion Function
      Second Function
      Select Case Statement
      SetLocale Function
      Set Statement
      Sgn Function
      Sin Function
      Space Function
      Split Function
      Sqr Function
      StrComp Function
      String Function
      StrReverse Function
      Sub Statement
      Tan Function
      Terminate Event
      TextStream Object
      TextStream.Close Method
      TextStream.Read Method
      TextStream.ReadAll Method
      TextStream.ReadLine Method
      TextStream.Skip Method
      TextStream.SkipLine Method
      TextStream.Write Method
      TextStream.WriteBlankLines Method
      TextStream.WriteLine Method
      Time Function
      Timer Function
      TimeSerial Function
      TimeValue Function
      Trim Function
      TypeName Function
      UBound Function
      UCase Function
      Unescape function
      VarType Function
      Weekday Function
      WeekdayName Function
      While . . . Wend Statement
      With Statement
      Year Function
    Part III:  Appendixes
      Appendix A.  Language Elements by Category
      Section A.1.  Array Handling
      Section A.2.  Assignment
      Section A.3.  Comment
      Section A.4.  Constants
      Section A.5.  Data Type Conversion
      Section A.6.  Date and Time
      Section A.7.  Dictionary Object
      Section A.8.  Error Handling
      Section A.9.  File System Objects
      Section A.10.  Information Functions
      Section A.11.  Mathematical and Numeric
      Section A.12.  Miscellaneous
      Section A.13.  Object Programming
      Section A.14.  Program Structure and Flow
      Section A.15.  String Manipulation
      Section A.16.  User Interaction
      Section A.17.  Variable Declaration
      Appendix B.  VBScript Constants
      Section B.1.  Color Constants
      Section B.2.  Comparison Constants
      Section B.3.  Date and Time Constants
      Section B.4.  Date Format Constants
      Section B.5.  Error Constant
      Section B.6.  Logical and TriState Constants
      Section B.7.  Message Box Constants
      Section B.8.  String Constants
      Section B.9.  Variable Type Constants
      Appendix C.  Operators
      Section C.1.  Arithmetic Operators
      Section C.2.  String Operator
      Section C.3.  Comparison Operators
      Section C.4.  Logical and Bitwise Operators
      Section C.5.  Operator Precedence
      Appendix D.  Locale IDs
      Appendix E.  The Script Encoder
      Section E.1.  How Encoding and Decoding Works
      Section E.2.  Script Encoder Syntax
      Section E.3.  Encoding Examples
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