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VB.NET Language in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition
By Paul Lomax, Ron Petrusha, Steven Roman, Ph.D.
Publisher : O'Reilly
Pub Date : May 2002
ISBN : 0-596-00308-0
Pages : 682
Slots : 1  

      Why Another VB Book?
      Who This Book Is For
      How This Book Is Structured
      Conventions Used in This Book
      How to Contact Us
    Part I:  The Basics
      Chapter 1.  Introduction
      Section 1.1.  Why VB.NET?
      Section 1.2.  What Is VB.NET?
      Section 1.3.  What Can You Do with VB.NET?
      Chapter 2.  Program Structure
      Section 2.1.  Getting a VB Program to Run
      Section 2.2.  The Structure of a VB Program
      Chapter 3.  Variables and Data Types
      Section 3.1.  Variables
      Section 3.2.  Declaring Variables and Constants
      Section 3.3.  Data Types
      Section 3.4.  Arrays
      Section 3.5.  Object Variables and Their Binding
      Section 3.6.  The Collection Object
      Section 3.7.  Parameters and Arguments
      Chapter 4.  Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
      Section 4.1.  Why Learn Object-Oriented Techniques?
      Section 4.2.  Principles of Object-Oriented Programming
      Section 4.3.  Classes and Objects
      Section 4.4.  Inheritance
      Section 4.5.  Interfaces, Abstract Members, and Classes
      Section 4.6.  Polymorphism and Overloading
      Section 4.7.  Accessibility in Class Modules
      Chapter 5.  The .NET Framework: General Concepts
      Section 5.1.  Namespaces
      Section 5.2.  Common Language Runtime (CLR), Managed Code, and Managed Data
      Section 5.3.  Managed Execution
      Section 5.4.  Assemblies
      Section 5.5.  Assemblies and VB.NET
      Chapter 6.  The .NET Framework Class Library
      Section 6.1.  The System Namespace
      Section 6.2.  Other Namespaces
      Chapter 7.  Delegates and Events
      Section 7.1.  Delegates
      Section 7.2.  Events and Event Binding
      Chapter 8.  Attributes
      Section 8.1.  Syntax and Use
      Section 8.2.  Defining a Custom Attribute
      Section 8.3.  Using a Custom Attribute
      Chapter 9.  Error Handling in VB.NET
      Section 9.1.  Error Detection and Error Handling
      Section 9.2.  Runtime Error Handling
      Section 9.3.  Dealing with Logical Errors
      Section 9.4.  Error Constants
    Part II:  Reference
      Chapter 10.  The Language Reference
      #Const Directive
      #If . . . Then . . . #Else Directive
      #Region...#End Region Directive
      Abs Function
      Acos Function
      AddHandler Statement
      AddressOf Operator
      AppActivate Procedure
      Application Class
      Application.CompanyName Property
      Application.DoEvents Method
      Application.ExecutablePath Property
      Application.ProductName Property
      Application.ProductVersion Property
      Array Class
      Array.BinarySearch Method
      Array.Copy Method
      Array.IndexOf Method
      Array.LastIndexOf Method
      Array.Reverse Method
      Array.Sort Method
      Asc, AscW Functions
      AssemblyVersion Attribute
      Asin Function
      Atan Function
      Atan2 Function
      AttributeUsage Attribute
      Beep Procedure
      Call Statement
      CallByName Function
      CBool Function
      CByte Function
      CChar Function
      CDate Function
      CDbl Function
      CDec Function
      Ceiling Function
      ChDir Procedure
      ChDrive Procedure
      Choose Function
      Chr, ChrW Functions
      CInt Function
      Class Statement
      Clipboard Class
      Clipboard.GetDataObject Method
      Clipboard.SetDataObject Method
      CLng Function
      CLSCompliant Attribute
      CObj Function
      Collection Class
      Collection.Add Method
      Collection.Count Property
      Collection.Item Method
      Collection.Remove Method
      ColorDialog Class
      COMClass Attribute
      Command Function
      Const Statement
      Cos Function
      Cosh Function
      CreateObject Function
      CShort Function
      CSng Function
      CStr Function
      CType Function
      CurDir Function
      DateAdd Function
      DateDiff Function
      DatePart Function
      DateSerial Function
      DateString Property
      DateValue Function
      Day Function
      DDB Function
      Debug Class
      Debug.Assert Method
      Debug.AutoFlush Property
      Debug.Close Method
      Debug.Flush Method
      Debug.Indent Method
      Debug.IndentLevel Property
      Debug.IndentSize Property
      Debug.Listeners Property
      Debug.Unindent Method
      Debug.Write Method
      Debug.WriteIf Method
      Debug.WriteLine Method
      Debug.WriteLineIf Method
      Declare Statement
      DefaultMember Attribute
      Delegate Statement
      DeleteSetting Procedure
      Dim Statement
      Dir Function
      DirectCast Function
      Directory Class
      Directory.CreateDirectory Method
      Directory.Delete Method
      Directory.Exists Method
      Directory.GetCreationTime Method
      Directory.GetDirectories Method
      Directory.GetDirectoryRoot Method
      Directory.GetFiles Method
      Directory.GetFileSystemEntries Method
      Directory.GetLogicalDrives Method
      Directory.GetParent Method
      Directory.Move Method
      Do...Loop Statement
      E Field
      End... Statement
      Enum Statement
      Environ Function
      EOF Function
      Erase Statement
      Erl Property
      Err Object
      Err.Clear Method
      Err.Description Property
      Err.GetException Method
      Err.HelpContext Property
      Err.HelpFile Property
      Err.LastDLLError Property
      Err.Number Property
      Err.Raise Method
      Err.Source Property
      Error Statement
      ErrorToString Function
      Event Statement
      Exception Class
      Exit Statement
      Exp Function
      File Class
      File.Exists Method
      FileAttr Function
      FileClose Procedure
      FileCopy Procedure
      FileDateTime Function
      FileGet, FileGetObject Procedures
      FileLen Function
      FileOpen Procedure
      FilePut, FilePutObject Procedures
      FileWidth Procedure
      Filter Function
      Fix Function
      Flags Attribute
      Floor Function
      FontDialog Class
      For...Next Statement
      For Each...Next Statement
      Format Function
      FormatCurrency, FormatNumber, FormatPercent Functions
      FormatDateTime Function
      FreeFile Function
      Friend Keyword
      Function Statement
      FV Function
      Get Statement
      GetAllSettings Function
      GetAttr Function
      GetChar Function
      GetObject Function
      GetSetting Function
      GetTimer Function
      GetType Operator
      GoTo Statement
      Guid Attribute
      Handles Keyword
      Hashtable Class
      Hashtable.Add Method
      Hashtable.Clear Method
      Hashtable.ContainsKey Method
      Hashtable.ContainsValue Method
      Hashtable.CopyTo Method
      Hashtable.Count Property
      Hashtable.Item Property
      Hashtable.Keys Property
      Hashtable.Remove Method
      Hashtable.Values Property
      Hex Function
      Hour Function
      IDataObject Interface
      IDataObject.GetData Method
      IDataObject.GetDataPresent Method
      IDataObject.GetFormats Method
      IEEERemainder Function
      If...Then...Else Statement
      IIf Function
      Implements Keyword
      Implements Statement
      Imports Statement
      Inherits Statement
      Input Procedure
      InputBox Function
      InputString Function
      InStr Function
      InStrRev Function
      Int Function
      Interface Statement
      IPmt Function
      IRR Function
      Is Operator
      IsArray Function
      IsDate Function
      IsDBNull Function
      IsError Function
      IsNothing Function
      IsNumeric Function
      IsReference Function
      Join Function
      Kill Procedure
      LBound Function
      LCase Function
      Left Function
      Len Function
      Like Operator
      LineInput Function
      Loc Function
      Lock Procedure
      LOF Function
      Log Function
      Log10 Function
      LSet Function
      LTrim Function
      MarshalAs Attribute
      Max Function
      Me Operator
      Mid Function
      Mid Statement
      Min Function
      Minute Function
      MIRR Function
      MkDir Procedure
      Mod Operator
      Module...End Module Statement
      Month Function
      MonthName Function
      MsgBox Function
      MTAThread Attribute
      MyBase Keyword
      MyClass Keyword
      Namespace Statement
      Now Property
      NPer Function
      NPV Function
      Obsolete Attribute
      Oct Function
      On Error Statement
      OpenFileDialog Class
      Option Compare Statement
      Option Explicit Statement
      Option Strict Statement
      Out Attribute
      ParamArray Attribute
      Partition Function
      Pi Field
      Pmt Function
      Pow Function
      PPmt Function
      Print, PrintLine Procedures
      Private Statement
      Property Statement
      Protected Keyword
      Public Statement
      PV Function
      QBColor Function
      Queue Class
      Queue.Clear Method
      Queue.Contains Method
      Queue.CopyTo Method
      Queue.Count Property
      Queue.Dequeue Method
      Queue.Enqueue Method
      Queue.Peek Method
      Queue.ToArray Method
      RaiseEvent Statement
      Randomize Procedure
      Rate Function
      ReDim Statement
      Rem Statement
      RemoveHandler Statement
      Rename Procedure
      Replace Function
      Reset Procedure
      Resume Statement
      Return Statement
      RGB Function
      Right Function
      RmDir Procedure
      Rnd Function
      Round Function
      RSet Function
      RTrim Function
      SaveFileDialog Class
      SaveSetting Procedure
      ScriptEngine Property
      ScriptEngineBuildVersion Property
      ScriptEngineMajorVersion Property
      ScriptEngineMinorVersion Property
      Second Function
      Seek Function
      Seek Procedure
      Select Case Statement
      Send, SendWait Methods
      Set Statement
      SetAttr Procedure
      Shadows Keyword
      Shell Function
      Sign Function
      Sin Function
      Sinh Function
      SLN Function
      Space Function
      Spc Function
      Split Function
      Sqrt Function
      Stack Class
      Stack.Clear Method
      Stack.Contains Method
      Stack.CopyTo Method
      Stack.Count Property
      Stack.Peek Method
      Stack.Pop Method
      Stack.Push Method
      Stack.ToArray Method
      STAThread Attribute
      Static Statement
      Stop Statement
      Str Function
      StrComp Function
      StrConv Function
      StrDup Function
      StrReverse Function
      Structure...End Structure Statement
      Sub Statement
      Switch Function
      SYD Function
      SyncLock Statement
      SystemTypeName Function
      Tab Function
      Tan Function
      Tanh Function
      ThreadStatic Attribute
      Throw Statement
      TimeOfDay Property
      Timer Property
      TimeSerial Function
      TimeString Property
      TimeValue Function
      Today Property
      Trim Function
      Try...Catch...Finally Statement
      TypeName Function
      UBound Function
      UCase Function
      Unlock Procedure
      Val Function
      ValDec Function
      VarType Function
      VBFixedArray Attribute
      VBFixedString Attribute
      VbTypeName Function
      WebMethod Attribute
      WebService Attribute
      Weekday Function
      WeekdayName Function
      While...End While Statement
      With Statement
      WithEvents Keyword
      Write Procedure
      WriteLine Procedure
      Year Function
    Part III:  Appendixes
      Appendix A.  What's New and Different in VB.NET
      Section A.1.  Language Changes for VB.NET
      Section A.2.  Changes to Programming Elements
      Section A.3.  Obsolete Programming Elements
      Section A.4.  Structured Exception Handling
      Section A.5.  Changes in Object-Orientation
      Appendix B.  Language Elements by Category
      Section B.1.  Array Handling
      Section B.2.  Clipboard
      Section B.3.  Collection Objects
      Section B.4.  Common Dialogs
      Section B.5.  Conditional Compilation
      Section B.6.  Conversion
      Section B.7.  Date and Time
      Section B.8.  Debugging
      Section B.9.  Declaration
      Section B.10.  Error Handling
      Section B.11.  Filesystem
      Section B.12.  Financial
      Section B.13.  IDataObject Interface
      Section B.14.  Information
      Section B.15.  Input/Output
      Section B.16.  Integrated Development Environment
      Section B.17.  Interaction
      Section B.18.  Mathematics
      Section B.19.  Program Structure and Flow
      Section B.20.  Programming
      Section B.21.  Registry
      Section B.22.  String Manipulation
      Appendix C.  Operators
      Section C.1.  Arithmetic Operators
      Section C.2.  Assignment Operators
      Section C.3.  Concatenation Operators
      Section C.4.  Comparison Operators
      Section C.5.  Logical and Bitwise Operators
      Section C.6.  Operator Precedence
      Appendix D.  Constants and Enumerations
      Section D.1.  Visual Basic Intrinsic Constants
      Section D.2.  ControlChars Class
      Section D.3.  Visual Basic Enumerations
      Appendix E.  The VB.NET Command-Line Compiler
      Section E.1.  Compiler Basics
      Section E.2.  Command-Line Switches
      Section E.3.  Using a Response File
      Appendix F.  VB 6 Language Elements Not Supported by VB.NET
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