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ADO .NET Programming
ADO .NET Programming
by Terrence J. Joubert and Ryan N. Payet  ISBN:1556229658
Wordware Publishing © 2003 (422 pages)

This book dissects the ADO .NET component model and provides real-world examples demonstrating how ADO .NET can be used to manipulate data from different sources

Table of Contents
ADO .NET Programming
Aims and Objectives
Part I - Introduction to ADO .NET
Chapter 1 - Growing up from ADO
Part II - ADO .NET Revealed
Chapter 2 - Interacting with Databases
Chapter 3 - Data Manipulation
Chapter 4 - Designing ADO .NET Applications
Chapter 5 - XML Integration with ADO .NET
Chapter 6 - Practical ADO .NET Programming (Part One)
Chapter 7 - Practical ADO .NET Programming (Part Two)
Part III - Special Topics
Chapter 8 - Migrating ADO Applications
Chapter 9 - Manipulating Multidimensional Data
Part IV - Appendices
Appendix A - The Object-Oriented Features of VB .NET
Appendix B - Database Normalization
Appendix C - Views, Stored Procedures, and Triggers
Appendix D - Advanced SQL Query Techniques
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