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Building Wireless Community Networks, Second Edition
By Rob Flickenger
Publisher : O'Reilly
Pub Date : June 2003
ISBN : 0-596-00502-4
Pages : 182
Slots : 1    

      New in This Edition
      Typographical Conventions
      Comments and Questions
    Chapter 1.  Wireless Community Networks
      Section 1.1.  Why Now?
      Section 1.2.  The WISP Approach
      Section 1.3.  The Cooperative Approach
      Section 1.4.  About This Book
    Chapter 2.  Defining Project Scope
      Section 2.1.  The Standards
      Section 2.2.  Hardware Requirements
      Section 2.3.  Site Survey
      Section 2.4.  802.11b Channels and Interference
      Section 2.5.  Topographical Mapping 101
    Chapter 3.  Network Layout
      Section 3.1.  Layer 1 (Physical) Connectivity
      Section 3.2.  Wired Wireless
      Section 3.3.  Vital Services
      Section 3.4.  Security Considerations
      Section 3.5.  Summary
    Chapter 4.  Using Access Points
      Section 4.1.  Access Point Caveats
      Section 4.2.  The Apple AirPort Base Station
      Section 4.3.  Access Point Management Software
      Section 4.4.  Local LAN Access
      Section 4.5.  Configuring Dialup
      Section 4.6.  NAT and DHCP
      Section 4.7.  Bridging
      Section 4.8.  WEP, MAC Filtering,and Closed Networks
      Section 4.9.  Roaming
      Section 4.10.  Channel Spacing
    Chapter 5.  Host-Based Networking
      Section 5.1.  Anatomy of a Wireless Gateway
    Chapter 6.  Long-Range Networking
      Section 6.1.  Topo Maps 102: Geographical Diversity
      Section 6.2.  Antenna Characteristicsand Placement
    Chapter 7.  Other Applications
      Section 7.1.  Software
      Section 7.2.  Point-to-Point Links
      Section 7.3.  Point-to-Multipoint Links
      Section 7.4.  Home-Brew Antennas
      Section 7.5.  Redundant Links
      Section 7.6.  Repeaters
      Section 7.7.  Security Concerns
      Section 7.8.  NoCatAuth Captive Portal
      Section 7.9.  Fun with IP
      Section 7.10.  In Closing
    Chapter 8.  Radio Free Planet
      Section 8.1.  Seattle Wireless
      Section 8.2.  Universal Wireless
      Section 8.3.  The Future
    Chapter 9.  Radio Free Sebastopol
      Section 9.1.  OSCON 2000
      Section 9.2.  The Campus
      Section 9.3.  Coffee, Coffee, Coffee
      Section 9.4.  Online From Home,No Strings Attached
      Section 9.5.  Seattle Wireless
      Section 9.6.  NoCat
      Section 9.7.  The Community Takes Notice
      Section 9.8.  The Portland Summit
      Section 9.9.  And So On
    Appendix A.  Regulations Affecting 802.11 Deployment
      Section A.1.  Disclaimer
      Section A.2.  Abstract and Objectives
      Section A.3.  Introduction to the Technology
      Section A.4.  Regulations and Laws Affecting802.11 Network Deployment
      Section A.5.  Power Limits
      Section A.6.  Equipment Limitationsand Certification
      Section A.7.  Interference
      Section A.8.  Broadband AUPs
      Section A.9.  Human Exposure to RadioFrequency Radiation
      Section A.10.  Laws ConcerningAntennas and Towers
      Section A.11.  The Future: Good News and Bad News
      Section A.12.  What Can You Do?
      Section A.13.  Conclusions
    Appendix B.  Path Loss Calculations
    Appendix C.  Simple Scheme Management
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