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Kerberos: The Definitive Guide
By Jason Garman
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: August 2003
ISBN: 0-596-00403-6
Pages: 272

      Organization of This Book
      Conventions Used in This Book
      Comments and Questions
    Chapter 1.  Introduction
      Section 1.1.  Origins
      Section 1.2.  What Is Kerberos?
      Section 1.3.  Goals
      Section 1.4.  Evolution
      Section 1.5.  Other Products
    Chapter 2.  Pieces of the Puzzle
      Section 2.1.  The Three As
      Section 2.2.  Directories
      Section 2.3.  Privacy and Integrity
      Section 2.4.  Kerberos Terminology and Concepts
      Section 2.5.  Putting the Pieces Together
    Chapter 3.  Protocols
      Section 3.1.  The Needham-Schroeder Protocol
      Section 3.2.  Kerberos 4
      Section 3.3.  Kerberos 5
      Section 3.4.  The Alphabet Soup of Kerberos-Related Protocols
    Chapter 4.  Implementation
      Section 4.1.  The Basic Steps
      Section 4.2.  Planning Your Installation
      Section 4.3.  Before You Begin
      Section 4.4.  KDC Installation
      Section 4.5.  DNS and Kerberos
      Section 4.6.  Client and Application Server Installation
    Chapter 5.  Troubleshooting
      Section 5.1.  A Quick Decision Tree
      Section 5.2.  Debugging Tools
      Section 5.3.  Errors and Solutions
    Chapter 6.  Security
      Section 6.1.  Kerberos Attacks
      Section 6.2.  Protocol Security Issues
      Section 6.3.  Security Solutions
      Section 6.4.  Protecting Your KDC
      Section 6.5.  Firewalls, NAT, and Kerberos
      Section 6.6.  Auditing
    Chapter 7.  Applications
      Section 7.1.  What Does Kerberos Support Mean?
      Section 7.2.  Services and Keytabs
      Section 7.3.  Transparent Kerberos Login with PAM
      Section 7.4.  Mac OS X and the Login Window
      Section 7.5.  Kerberos and Web-Based Applications
      Section 7.6.  The Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL)
      Section 7.7.  Kerberos-Enabled Server Packages
      Section 7.8.  Kerberos-Enabled Client Packages
      Section 7.9.  More Kerberos-Enabled Packages
    Chapter 8.  Advanced Topics
      Section 8.1.  Cross-Realm Authentication
      Section 8.2.  Using Kerberos 4 Services with Kerberos 5
      Section 8.3.  Windows Issues
      Section 8.4.  Windows and Unix Interoperability
    Chapter 9.  Case Study
      Section 9.1.  The Organization
      Section 9.2.  Planning
      Section 9.3.  Implementation
    Chapter 10.  Kerberos Futures
      Section 10.1.  Public Key Extensions
      Section 10.2.  Smart Cards
      Section 10.3.  Better Encryption
      Section 10.4.  Kerberos Referrals
      Section 10.5.  Web Services
    Appendix A.  Administration Reference
      Section A.1.  MIT
      Section A.2.  Configuration File Format
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