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How to read and speak thai

Thai Language
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a.) — [indicating the first item in a list]; Mr. A.
[The first letter of the Thai alphabet]
  2 ไม่กระดิกหู
noun, phrase, idiom
"one who has learned the language but still can't read and write."
  3 ก็
conjunction, particle, colloquial, idiom
also; too; as well; well...; [suggestion] should...
[linking particle]
conjunction, particle, formal, colloquial
[used in "neither... nor" pattern] not at all; by no means
conjunction, particle, formal, colloquial
even; still
conjunction, particle, formal, colloquial
[placed in front of "only, merely, or just"]
particle, formal, colloquial
[a particle or conjunction that emphasizes that which follows]
[cause-effect] therefore; so...; then...
  4 ก็คือ
that is; is that; are those
  5 ก็จริงอยู่
it is true; so it is
  6 ก็ช่าง
accordingly; therefore
  7 ก็ได้
O.k.; okay.
  8 ก็ได้
as well; also
  9 ก็ได้
[e.g. anyone] at all
  10 ก็ตาม
[ก็ตาม] no matter; whatever; also; as well
  11 ก็ตามใจ
phrase, sarcastic-humorous
"As you wish!" [upset and sarcastic]
  12 ก็ตามที
somehow; whatever; however
  13 ก็พอ
phrase enough
  14 ก็มี
verb, phrase
there are; there is
  15 ก็ยิ่งดี
adverb, phrase
[it would be] even better
  16 ก็เลย
conjunction, phrase, colloquial
thus; therefore; so; [colloquial form of] จึง 
  17 ก็แล้วกัน
interjection, phrase
whatever you like; let’s agree to this; so let’s just settle on that or leave it at that; let’s just be done with it
  18 ก็ว่าได้
adverb, phrase can be said; one can say that...; you could even say...
  19 ก.
noun, abbreviation
[abbreviation for กรัม ] gram
noun, abbreviation
[abbreviation for กริยา ] a verb
  20 ก.
[alternate pronunciation of ก.]
  21 ก.ก.
noun, abbreviation
[abbreviation for กรรมการ] committee member
  22 ก.ก.
[alternate spelling of กก.]
  23 ก.ก.น.
noun, abbreviation
[abbreviation for กางเกงใน] underwear
  24 ก.ค.
proper noun, abbreviation
[abbreviation for กรกฎาคม ] July
  25 ก.ค.ศ.
noun, abbreviation
[abbreviation for คณะกรรมการข้าราชการครูและบุคคลากรทางการศึกษา]
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