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Dreamweaver in a Nutshell
By Bruce A. Epstein, Heather Williamson
Publisher : O'Reilly
Pub Date : November 2001
ISBN : 0-596-00239-4
Pages : 470

      The Big Picture
      New Features in Dreamweaver 4
      Dreamweaver UltraDev's Features
      Layers and Tables and Frames, Oh My!
      Suggested Reading
      Other Resources
      How to Contact Us
      Heather's Acknowledgments
      Bruce's Acknowledgments
    Part I:  The Content Objects
      Chapter 1.  Dreamweaver UI
      Section 1.1.  The Document Window and Views
      Section 1.2.  Objects Panel
      Section 1.3.  Property Inspector
      Section 1.4.  Reference Panel
      Section 1.5.  Launcher Bar and Panel Shortcuts
      Section 1.6.  Docking Panels
      Chapter 2.  Core Objects
      Section 2.1.  Head Elements
      Section 2.2.  Hyperlinks
      Section 2.3.  Images and Image Maps
      Section 2.4.  Text Formatting
      Section 2.5.  Page Properties
      Section 2.6.  Characters
      Section 2.7.  Hidden Objects
      Chapter 3.  Tables and Form Objects
      Section 3.1.  Standard View Versus Layout View
      Section 3.2.  Tables in Standard View
      Section 3.3.  Tables in Layout View
      Section 3.4.  Tabular Data
      Section 3.5.  Forms
      Chapter 4.  Frames and Layers
      Section 4.1.  Frames and Framesets
      Section 4.2.  Layers
      Chapter 5.  Using External Resources
      Section 5.1.  Macromedia Source Files
      Section 5.2.  Java Applets
      Section 5.3.  ActiveX Controls and Plugins
      Section 5.4.  Server-Side Includes
    Part II:  Managing Dreamweaver
      Chapter 6.  Managing a Web Site
      Section 6.1.  Site Management Overview
      Section 6.2.  Defining a Site
      Section 6.3.  The Site Window
      Section 6.4.  Checking Files In and Out
      Section 6.5.  Using Design Notes
      Section 6.6.  Preparing an Existing Site for Use
      Section 6.7.  Cleaning Up a Site
      Section 6.8.  Updating Your Site
      Section 6.9.  Site Reports
      Section 6.10.  Assets Panel
      Chapter 7.  Managing HTML Documents
      Section 7.1.  Cleaning Up Your HTML Code
      Section 7.2.  Checking Spelling
      Section 7.3.  History Panel
      Section 7.4.  Working with Browsers
      Chapter 8.  Templates
      Section 8.1.  Creating a Template
      Section 8.2.  Using Your Template
      Section 8.3.  Template Operation Summary
      Chapter 9.  The Library
      Section 9.1.  Creating a Library Item
      Section 9.2.  Modifying Library Items
      Chapter 10.  Cascading Style Sheets
      Section 10.1.  CSS Overview
      Section 10.2.  CSS Operations
      Section 10.3.  Stylesheets
      Section 10.4.  Styles
      Section 10.5.  Defining a Style
      Section 10.6.  CSS Styles Panel
      Section 10.7.  Editing CSS Styles and Stylesheets
      Section 10.8.  Further CSS Topics
      Chapter 11.  HTML Styles
      Section 11.1.  Creating HTML Styles
      Section 11.2.  Applying HTML Styles
      Section 11.3.  Editing HTML Styles
    Part III:  Behaviors and Interactive Elements
      Chapter 12.  Behaviors and JavaScript
      Section 12.1.  Browser JavaScript Support
      Section 12.2.  Using Behaviors
      Section 12.3.  The Behaviors Panel
      Section 12.4.  Built-in Behaviors (Actions)
      Section 12.5.  JavaScript
      Section 12.6.  JavaScript Debugger
      Section 12.7.  Browser Configuration Behaviors
      Chapter 13.  Image Behaviors and Fireworks
      Section 13.1.  Rollover Images
      Section 13.2.  Navigation Bars
      Section 13.3.  Fireworks
      Chapter 14.  Layer Behaviors
      Section 14.1.  Layer Size and Position
      Section 14.2.  Altering Layers Dynamically
      Chapter 15.  Text Behaviors
      Section 15.1.  Altering Text
      Section 15.2.  Creating Pop-up Messages
      Chapter 16.  Miscellaneous Behaviors
      Section 16.1.  Changing Object Properties
      Section 16.2.  Multimedia Controls
      Section 16.3.  Using Form Controls
      Section 16.4.  Using Go To URL
      Section 16.5.  Calling a Behavior from a Link
      Chapter 17.  Timelines
      Section 17.1.  Timelines Panel
      Section 17.2.  Altering Object Properties
      Section 17.3.  Adding Behaviors to Timelines
      Section 17.4.  Controlling Timelines
      Section 17.5.  Timeline Operation Summary
    Part IV:  Configuring and Extending Dreamweaver
      Chapter 18.  Dreamweaver Preferences
      Section 18.1.  General Preferences
      Section 18.2.  Code Colors Preferences
      Section 18.3.  Code Format Preferences
      Section 18.4.  Code Rewriting Preferences
      Section 18.5.  CSS Styles Preferences
      Section 18.6.  File Types / Editors Preferences
      Section 18.7.  Fonts / Encoding Preferences
      Section 18.8.  Highlighting Preferences
      Section 18.9.  Invisible Elements Preferences
      Section 18.10.  Layers Preferences
      Section 18.11.  Layout View Preferences
      Section 18.12.  Panels Preferences
      Section 18.13.  Preview in Browser Preferences
      Section 18.14.  Quick Tag Editor Preferences
      Section 18.15.  Site Preferences
      Section 18.16.  Status Bar Preferences
      Chapter 19.  Customizing the Interface
      Section 19.1.  Customizing Menus
      Section 19.2.  Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
      Section 19.3.  Customizing the Objects Panel
      Chapter 20.  Customizing the Document Template and Dialog Boxes
      Section 20.1.  Customizing the Default Document
      Section 20.2.  Customizing Dreamweaver Dialog Boxes
      Chapter 21.  Displaying Third-Party Tags
      Section 21.1.  Third-Party Tag Files
      Section 21.2.  ASP Tags
      Section 21.3.  JSP Tags
      Section 21.4.  PHP Tags
      Section 21.5.  ColdFusion Tags
      Chapter 22.  Extending Dreamweaver
      Section 22.1.  Dreamweaver Extensions
      Section 22.2.  Writing Your Own Extensions
      Chapter 23.  CourseBuilder
      Section 23.1.  Installing CourseBuilder
      Section 23.2.  CourseBuilder Interactions
      Section 23.3.  Configuring Interactions
    Part V:  Appendixes
      Appendix A.  Keyboard Shortcuts
      Section A.1.  Window Menu and Panels
      Section A.2.  Help Menu
      Section A.3.  File and Edit Menu
      Section A.4.  Document View Options
      Section A.5.  Insert Menu
      Section A.6.  Editing and Formatting Text
      Section A.7.  Hyperlinks
      Section A.8.  Tables
      Section A.9.  Frames
      Section A.10.  Layers
      Section A.11.  Site Menu in Main Menu Bar
      Section A.12.  Site Window Menus
      Section A.13.  Commands Menu
      Section A.14.  Plugins Options
      Section A.15.  Templates and Libraries
      Section A.16.  Document Editing Shortcuts
      Section A.17.  Manipulating Timelines
      Appendix B.  HTML Character Entities
      Section B.1.  HTML Character Entities
      Appendix C.  Site Construction Checklist
      Section C.1.  Browser and Platform Support
      Section C.2.  Site Construction Tasks
      Section C.3.  Search Engines
      Section C.4.  Graphics and Performance
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